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EXTEND-A-REACH Microfiber Towel for Car Cleaning Pack of 2

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A soft touch is guaranteed by the ultra-soft cloth materials, which lowers the possibility of scratches or swirl marks. These towels will keep your car looking immaculate, so you can use them with confidence on sensitive finishes and clear coats.


Versatile and Multi-Purpose - Our cloth towels are perfect for a variety of household tasks in addition to car cleaning. They can be used to clean equipment, windows, and kitchen appliances, among other things. They are a useful addition to your cleansing arsenal because of their adaptability.

Washable, Reusable, Environmentally Friendly- Totally washable, this microfiber towel will scrub away dirt, grit, and grime resulting in sparkling-clean windows time after time. After finishing your cleaning tasks, take off the Microfiber Scrubber Pad, wash by hand or in the washing machine with cool to warm water and let air dry. Break the cycle of buying and throwing away sub-par dusting cloths. Choose long-lasting


EXTENDED 3-YEAR WARRANTY » We put our heart and soul into our high-reaching cleaning tools. So much so that we offer you an extended 3-year warranty for your telescopic pole kit. 

EXTEND-A-REACH Microfiber Towel for Car Cleaning Pack of 2

EXTEND-A-REACH Microfiber Towel for Car Cleaning Pack of 2

Regular price $9.97
Sale price $9.97 Regular price
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Why you should buy from us?

The Only Car Wash Kit You'll Ever Need


Soft Car Brush

Microfiber Car Brush

Microfiber Towel

Wash Mit

Window Squeegee


Perfect for getting rid of those stubborn stains on delicate surfaces for scratch-free cleaning.


Use by hand or pop onto an extension pole - clean your car, wall mop, or baseboards.


Multi-purpose microfiber cleaning tool for dust-free, clean car interior, and spot-free windows.


Perfect for soaking up soap and water and containing liquid, and easy cleaning.


No more stubborn grime on your windshield – this squeegee gets you the shine without the streaks.


What types of vehicles does the set work for?

Is it just for vehicles?

What type of attachments fit the EXTEND-A-REACH telescopic extension pole?

How do I clean the brushes?

The One Extension
Pole That Won't Break

Made of meticulously crafted, extra-thick aluminum, this extension pole is stiffer, tougher, and stronger. The EXTEND-A-REACH telescopic pole will always perform solidly.

Clean Your Home Windows & Sidings

This multi-use high reach bristle set and window washing kit can also easily reach and clean all kinds of weird angles.

For Any and All Vehicles

Whether you need to clean your RV, your car or pickup truck, this multi-use car wash kit is designed to easily clean all kinds of vehicles.


By hand or pole - This set includes a 5-sided RV cleaner brush, 12-foot extra-thick aluminum extendable pole, microfiber RV wash mop, window washer squeegee, car wash mitt, and two microfiber towels.

Get Your Car Squeaky Clean

This car wash tools dry has everything you need to treat your vehicle to the highest level of care, the EXTEND-A-REACH car washing supplies set will get your vehicle squeaky clean.

a Scratch

This set of car wash tools has everything you need to treat your vehicle to the highest level of care: a streak-free windshield washer brush, a car wash brush to clean any surface without a scratch.


At EXTEND-A-REACH® a portion of the profits on each item sold is donated to “Cleaning for a Reason,” a non-profit that cleans cancer patients' homes for free as a way to help them through their tough times.