How to Use and Wash Your Cleaning Attachments

use and clean telescope cleaning pole kit

The dust you can’t see is also the hardest dust to reach - until now. Combating it has never been easier using our Extend-a-Reach squeegee, cobweb, ceiling fan and feather duster attachments. 

Start by simply twisting on your cobweb duster, ceiling fan duster or feather duster to the top of your telescopic pole. 

Once fully twisted on, you can bend your long dusters to fit any crevices you’d like to dust. Keep in mind, the duster may be stiff at first, so you may need to apply some pressure while bending.


 If your kit comes with a squeegee, simply dip your microfiber side in window cleaning solution, and begin cleaning from top to bottom. Then, flip to the black rubber side and follow by collecting the soapy solution in a downwards motion. 



To wash:

Orange Long Ceiling Fan Duster: Once finished with your dusting, unbend your ceiling fan duster and pull off your microfiber from the top, as shown.



Once your microfiber cloth is off, simply rinse/soak in warm soapy water and let air dry. Keep in mind, it is easiest to put the microfiber back on the duster if it is fully dried.

Gray Feather Duster & Round Orange Cobweb Duster: Rinse/soak the entire head of the attachment with warm soapy water and let air dry. We recommend shaking out the excess dust before soaking.


Squeegee: Similar to the long orange ceiling fan duster, the squeegee’s microfiber cloth is easily removable. Simply open the velcro, remove the microfiber cloth from the attachment itself, and rinse with warm water and soap. 


Now get rid of that ladder, and get the job done!

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