How to Clean High, Hard to Reach Windows

How to Clean High, Hard to Reach Windows

When you think you’ve just about cleaned every corner of your house inside and out, there your dirty hard-to-reach windows stand. Luckily, we’ve got just the solution for the best way to clean high windows. Using our window washing squeegee with extension pole kit, dirty windows become a thing of the past.

To get started, we recommend using a combination of dish soap and water (bonus if you have some vinegar!) for the best and clearest shine. Once the microfiber is soaked in your cleaning solution, extend your telescopic pole with your attached squeegee and begin scrubbing, making sure to get to every corner of the window. 

Once the window is soapy, flip your 2 in 1 squeegee from the microfiber side to the rubber blade side, and begin from the top left or right corner and work your way down. Repeat this process until you make your way across the entirety of the windows. 



After cleaning your windows, twist off your squeegee attachment from your aluminum extension pole, remove the microfiber cloth and soak in warm water, then hang to air dry. 

Got other cleaning needs? 

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