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After many years of cleaning houses, we gained some experience with high reach cleaning tools and realized that "there has to be a better option then this"

So we decided to create this better option - designing the best High Reaching equipment and started a new journey with our own company, Extend-A-Reach.

Sturdy, Lightweight, compact equipment that works for professionals and home users alike!

Right before starting our new journey, we had to handle a hardship so many people have to go through, 
a close relative was diagnosed with cancer.

As fighting with cancer is a difficult and challenging, we naturally offered to help to clean her house every now and then...

This experience drove us to the decision to donate a portion of the profit on each item sold to "Cleaning for a reason" - a non-profit that cleans cancer patients' homes for free as a way to help them through this tough time in their lives.

Cleaning For A Reason

A portion of the profit on each sale is donated to non-profit that cleans cancer patients' homes. Check it out here:

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