What Makes Us Different?

extend a reach extension cleaning kit


With frustration comes the demand to find a solution. Look, every brand has its story. Ours is pretty simple: two childhood family friends got together after losing hope in high reach products - oh, and, maybe experiencing a few not-so-fun ladder falls. So we got to work, and we worked fast. 

At our core, our brand stands behind good quality materials, user-friendly designs, exceptional customer service, and of course, our family-run attitude. Because there, we believe, is where all the difference lies. 

Good quality materials

When we analyzed ways to make our telescopic poles stand out, it came down to one aspect: sturdiness. We needed to combine the desire of lightweight and the need of heavy duty, and that’s exactly what we did. 

After carefully considering a wide variety of materials, it was thick aluminum that was reigning champ. 

Coming in at a diameter of 1.34 and weighing a mere 3.4 pounds, our 24 ft pole is ready for any challenge, without giving you a challenge. This aluminum extension pole with polycarbonate latches allow for both flexibility and durability, while its foam grip provides stability and safety.  

We understand that our customers use our poles for an assortment of reasons. Therefore, we wanted to make our poles as universal as possible, so that they can fit nearly any attachment out on the market. Each pole has a ¾” Universal ACME threading at its tip, which has allowed our customers to use attachments they already had sitting at home. 

Customer Service

It takes a customer to know a customer. Our customer service team brainstormed day in and day out to pinpoint exactly what they consider to be “good customer service.” Though, here at Extend-a-Reach, we don’t just strive for good - we strive for greatness. 

We believe that the customer service of a brand is the engine that keeps it alive.

For that reason, we have a 24/7 team that gets back to you the same day, no matter what (sometimes, within the same hour!).

We accept no compromises with our customers - from easy shipping, to easy returns and refunds if need be. We believe that the journey doesn’t end just when you get your package. That’s why we provide our customers with the best 3 year warranty they could ask for. Like we said - it’s something we’d want. 

Versatile Attachments

No house is the same. That’s why we wanted to make our attachments both versatile and user-friendly. 

Our long orange ceiling fan duster is equipped with a bendable foam-covered metal rod inside, allowing you to shape it to fit any ceiling fan imaginable.

Similarly, our gray feather duster is equally bendable to fit those stubborn dusty crevices you thought you’d never reach. Be sure to check out our blog on how easy it is to wash your attachments!

Our 2-in-1 squeegee microfiber combo is precisely what those dirty windows need - just add some of your favorite window cleaning solution, and you’re good to go! 

Small family-run brand

When we say “we believe in treating customers as we would treat our friends and family,” we mean it. With a small company, it allows for more time and patience with our customers, in which we refuse to accept any situation in which our customers are not satisfied.

Although a small family-brand may call for some sleepless nights and brainstorming until perfection - truth is, we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. We’re here to make your job easy, safe, and done. Simple as that.